Education | BFA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago Fall 2011-Spring 2015

Awards | Columbia College Chicago Presidential Scholarship 2011-2015

Performance Experience
“Machismo” Amanda Ramirez Links Hall October 2018
“Interphase; soma impromptu” Brenna Ginsberg Going Dutch June 2018 Elgin
“Thank You For Coming: Play” (vocal audience plant) Faye Driscoll November 2017 MCA
“It Doesn’t Hurt to Look” Christina Chammas Going Dutch June 2017
“A Ride on the Irish Cream” Erin Markey February 2017 America Theater Co.
“Reciprocity” Alexis Crump 2017 Dance for Camera
“Meet. Meet. Me.” Brenna Ginsberg June 2016 Hamlin Park
“Whelm” Shanna Fragen 2015 CCC, Thaw, & Going Dutch
Displacement 2” Adriana Durante Fall 2012 CCC
In Us All” Kelsa Robinson Fall 2012 CCC
With or Without Force” Pam McNeil Spring 2011 CCC
Emergent Organics” Onye Ozuzu Fall 2011 CCC

“Meat. Meet. Me.” presented at Triplicate in June 2016 Hamlin Park
“Demons and Dandelions” presented at D49 Dance Festival July 2015 Hamlin Park and at CCC’s Senior Concert May 2015
“Ages 3 to Adult” CCC’s Choreographic Project May 2014

Ballet: Allen Desterhaft, Natalie Rast, Sarah Schafer, Kyle Seguin, and Emily Stein
Modern: Margi Cole, Paige Cunningham, Jennifer Grisham-Dobbs, Christina Gonzales-Gillett, Carrie Hanson, Darrell Jones, Yael Levitin, Dardi McGinley-Gallivan, Onye Ozuzu, and Joanna Rosenthal.
Composition: Peter Carpenter, Lisa Gonzalez, Colleen Halloran, and Taisha Paggett
Dance History: Bonnie Brooks, Peter Carpenter, and Paige Cunningham

Gallim Dance with Caroline Fermin
Funkadelics with D. Sabela Grimes
GaGa technique with Doran Raz

Administrative/Production Internships
Khecari: January 2016 – July 2016
Dovetail Studios: January 2016 – July 2016
Links Hall Associate Board: July 2016 – 2017
Ruth Page Dance Center: January 2017 – June 2018

Teaching II dance pedagogy course at CCC with professor Emily Stein
Teachers assistant for Joanna Rosenthal’s modern I
Teaching I dance pedagogy course at CCC with Dardi McGinley-Gallivan