Meat. Meet. Me.


Meat. Meet. Me. explores contrived self-promoting social media profiles as body positive forms of sexual agency. This bodily exposition of self puts us in a vulnerable position susceptible to unsolicited responses. The physical movement is a response to the turmoil felt between materializing our desires from the perceived and imagined to how its emulated in the flesh, an empowering yet feverish process.

examine me from my zoomed pixelated body
a gesture is initiated; muscle and fat reverberates
like the aftermaths of an earthquake
stretch and wrinkle with waves of undulations
head turns and eyes bat like thunder

Performed/Choreographed by Brenna Ginsberg


Press Links

“Ginsberg is an exceptional mover whose coy sexuality in the first section … spirals into a more vulnerable, and perhaps honest, expression of herself
Triplicate is hot and humid Review by Lauren Warnecke

Sex, Taboo, and the Subconscious Preview by Michael Workman

Saluted in Newcity’s annual “Best of Chicago” feature (published Oct. 27 2016)
Three alums of the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago — emerging dancer-choreographers Shanna Fragen ’15 and Brenna Ginsberg ’15, both graduates of the Dance Center’s BFA in Dance program, and Dalton Rhodes ’15, a graduate of the Dance Center’s Dance BA program — were saluted by the arts and culture publication Newcity in its “Best of Chicago 2016” feature, published October 27. The three young artists’ debut, a collaborative concert of new works titled Triplicate, was “the kind of first outing that most dancers would scalp a relative for,” Newcity said in dubbing the group’s debut “Best Dance Performance by Recent Graduates.” The article added that Fragen, Ginsberg, and Rhodes “teamed up for a lauded showcase of work on themes related to evolving identity, with a related cavalcade of subjects including the subconscious, sexuality and more. Bowing in front of a serious audience of informed dance-goers at the Hamlin Park Fieldhouse, they set the standard for which future graduates should aspire.” Triplicate was presented June 16-17 at Chicago’s Hamlin Park Fieldhouse.


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